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Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

beautiful fireplace burning wood

Fall is officially here which means it’s a great time to shut those air conditioners off and open the windows to allow the nice fall breeze in! While you are most likely rejoicing over the fact that you can save some money on your energy bills, you also need to be thinking about the months ahead. In a few short months, the cold chill of winter will be arriving and with that comes the need to turn on our heaters. Because of this, preparing for winter over the next few weeks is a great way to help reduce your energy costs. Let’s discuss a few things you can do now in preparation.

Seal Any leaks
One of the biggest reasons energy bills can be high is because of leaks around your doors and windows. Take a weekend and inspect your doors and windows. If you find any leaks or cracks, seal them up either with weather-stripping or caulk. If you attic insulation is a little thin in spots getting some fresh rolls of insulation up there can go a long way towards reducing your energy consumption.

Inspect Your Heating Unit
No matter what type of heating unit you use, you want to make sure you schedule a cleaning and inspection. By having this task completed, you can rest assured knowing that when you go to turn on your unit, it will be in working order! This will also help reduce any stress of finding out too late that something major has happened. No one wants to go through the winter chill without a heater.

Prepare Your Fireplace
If you have an alternative source of heat, whether from a fireplace, wood burning stove, or pellet stove, get it ready. Clean it out and, if need be, have a professional come to clean out your chimney. Make sure you’re prepared with wood or pellets to get you through the winter months.

These are just a few simple things you can do to prepare your home for those cooler months. If you’re ready to have your heating unit inspected and cleaned, be sure to reach out. We are here to help you keep your heating units in working order!

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