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Home Health Assessment

home health assessment - wyomissing pa

Why Does a Home Health Assessment Matter?


Too much humidity can promote mold and mildew; too little can lead to dry skin, sore throats and respiratory problems. And an imbalance on either side can keep you from feeling comfortable at normal temperature settings. Translation: humidity is a fickle friend, one we should never forsake or insult because the consequences could be awful.


Wet conditions in your home’s crawlspace are a natural breeding ground for mold, a biological contaminant that can lead to severe respiratory problems, allergies, chronic fatigue and, in some cases, immune system disorders.


Poor airflow in the home can lead to lower heating and cooling system performance, increased energy consumption and possibly humidity imbalances – all of which add up to an uncomfortable home and higher utility bills. More importantly, poor airflow can make your home feel like one of those seedy airport motels – yikes – that has tiny bath towels and bad fluorescent lighting.


Without adequate filtration, expensive heating and cooling equipment can clog and malfunction, leading to decreased efficiency, higher utility costs and potentially expensive repairs. Poor filtration can also cause dust buildup in your home, making you and other family members more susceptible to colds, allergies and respiratory problems.


Ducts are the distribution system for your home’s heated and cooled air. If ducts become clogged or damaged, or are not properly sealed or insulated, they can waste energy and draw pollutants into your home. When ducts are dirty, they can cause microbial growth, which can lead to severe respiratory problems.

Fresh-Air Ventilation

Today’s homes are sealed and insulated better than ever. While this conserves energy by reducing the amount of heat lost or gained, it prevents stale air and pollutants from escaping. Opening a window can help keep the air moving, but it can also lead to a buildup of pollutants like dirt, dust, pollen and bacteria.


With so many potential dangers to your health and your home, a home health assessment can find where your home is lacking and improve your living conditions. Contact Ultimate Comfort and ask about a home health assessment!