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Natural Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

colorful easter eggs

Easter is almost here! Does your family have a tradition of dying Easter Eggs together? If so, finding new ways to make unique colors is always fun. Have you ever thought about using some items around your house to dye your eggs naturally? Depending on the products you need, you may already have them available. Let’s check out some ideas:

  1. Vegetables – Certain vegetables can give you beautiful looking eggs.
    • Purple Cabbage – Add a cup of purple cabbage to the water when you’re boiling the eggs. This will give the eggs a blue color.
    • Beet Juice – Mix beet juice with a couple tablespoons of white vinegar for a red/pink color.
    • Onions – Using the skin of six onions, simmer with two cups of water for 15 minutes. Once finished, strain and add three teaspoons of white vinegar for an orange color.
  2. Fruit – Like vegetables, fruit is also a great way to dye your Easter Eggs naturally!
    • Blueberries – Mix one cup of frozen blueberries with one cup of water and bring to room temperature. Once at room temperature, remove the blueberries for a bluish-gray color.
    • Grape Juice – Mix grape juice with a couple tablespoons of white vinegar for a purple color.
  3.  Spices – Look through your spice rack, and you might be surprised what spices are perfect for dying eggs.
    • Tumeric or Saffron – Boil two tablespoons of spices in one cup of boiling water, let cool and mix with two teaspoons of white vinegar to create a yellow/orange color.
    • Paprika – Stir two tablespoons into one cup of boiling water. Add two teaspoons of white vinegar for a red-orange color.
    • Dill Seed – Simmer two tablespoons in one cup of boiling water for 15 minutes and strain. Add two teaspoons of white vinegar for a brown/gold color.

Using natural dyes could require your eggs to soak longer in the colors, but the end result will be unique and chemical free! Do note that if the eggs are cracked before dying, they could have a chance of absorbing any flavors of the products used. Have fun making new Easter memories with your family!

Happy Easter from Ultimate Comfort!

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