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Sneezing Through Spring

allergies and clean air in spring

That time of year is here—the time when all we want to do is be outside! For individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies, however, it could also be the time where you just can’t stop sneezing!

What is the main culprit to all of that sneezing? Pollen!
Pollen is great for plants and their ability to reproduce, but those who suffer from allergies have a love-hate relationship with it. Pollen particles are small and light, and they have the ability to travel through the air and make it into our lungs through the nose and mouth. When this happens, it causes an individual to experience allergy symptoms. These symptoms could include watery eyes, runny nose, sore throat, headaches, and inflammation. Keep in mind, not everyone reacts to pollen allergies the same.

There are also a variety of pollens, so chances are you may only be allergic to certain kinds. For spring, most of the pollen comes from trees; in the summer, it usually comes from grass; and in the fall, it usually comes from weeds. Determining what type of pollen you’re allergic to can all depend on when your allergies act up.

Ways to Clean the Air Inside Your Home
One way to help reduce your allergy symptoms is by having the air inside your home cleaned. Chances are when the weather is nicer, windows are open; so the fact is, pollen will be getting into your house. Focusing on cleaning the air in your home can help to reduce the pollen in your house and, in the end, hopefully reduce your allergies. Vacuuming your house regularly and changing your air filters often are two great ways towards cleaning the air inside your house.

Another great idea is to add some plants. Certain plants have the ability to help improve the air quality in a home. Below are some ideas for plants you can add to your house:

  • Chinese Evergreen – Helps to maintain healthy air quality. Note: If you have animals, this may be one you want to avoid as it can be toxic to animals.
  • Spider Plant – This is an easy-to-care-for house plant and has the ability to remove harmful pollutants in your air, such as formaldehyde and benzene.
  • Lady Palm and Bamboo Palm – Both are general air cleaners.
    These are just a few plants that could help improve your air quality, and there are many other varieties that also work great!

Lastly, another way to clean your air is through air cleaners or air filtrations. There are a vast variety of options to choose from and deciding which one will work best for your house may not be easy. Here at Ultimate Comfort, we can work with you to determine what is the best option for helping to clean the air in your house.

No one likes to experience seasonal allergies, but by working on cleaning the air in your home, you can hopefully help reduce your symptoms!

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