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Staying Busy During COVID-19

With all of your free time at home, you may be struggling to find things to do to keep yourself busy. Staying busy during this time is important because it can help keep your mind off of everything that is going on, which will help with your well-being.

Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself busy:

Do Some Cleaning Out
Do you have areas in your house that could use some organizing and cleaning out? This is a great time to do just that. While organizing those troubled areas, get rid of anything that isn’t worth saving. If it isn’t worth selling or donating, trash it.  This task could be a way for you to potentially make some extra money, by selling things that you don’t need anymore.

Stay Active
Avoid spending all of your time on the couch watching TV. On the days that allow it, get outside and walk around your neighborhood or on a nature trail that may still be open. On days that don’t allow it, hop on YouTube and find an exercising video that will keep you interested. Staying active is important because it can help boost your mood, energy and reduce the risk of health issues.

Exercise Your Brain
Instead of just watching mindless TV, pick up a book, play some Sudoku, or do a crossword puzzle. Every day, make it a point to do something that will help exercise your brain. By doing this it will help improve your memory, focus, and daily functionality.

Find a New Hobby
Staying busy and off of social media, or watching the news will help you mentally as we get through COVID-19. Finding a new hobby will help with that. Some hobbies could include: crafting, gardening, learning how to cook, playing cards, or learning a new language. Need a few more ideas? This list has 50 low-cost hobbies to start.

We will get through this unpredictable time, and if we utilize this time to work on ourselves, we will come out of this stronger. Stay safe, stay healthy, and remember to wash your hands!