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Summer Lawn Care

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The dog days of summer are here! If you love this weather, you are probably spending more time outdoors and maybe even entertaining friends and families. If this is you and your house is the hub for picnics, parties, or just a little get together, you want to make sure your lawn and landscape are presentable. Caring for your lawn in the summer months is a little different than caring for it in the spring and fall months. Here are a few tips to incorporate to keep your lawn healthy and green!

With mowing your lawn, you want to make sure your blades are set high. Tall blades of grass provide many benefits in keeping your soil healthy. One benefit is that it provides shade for your soil which will help it maintain its moisture during the parts of the day when the sun is beating down on it.

Currently, with the amount of rain we’ve been getting, you shouldn’t need to worry about watering your grass. But for those summers where there just isn’t as much rain, you should consider watering your lawn. Lawns need at least an inch of water per week in order to keep them from turning brown.

For landscaping, water your plants early in the morning or during the evening. By doing this you will need to water less as the sun isn’t stealing as much moisture from your plants.

Also, consider placing a rain barrel on your property. This is a great way to collect the rain and reuse it when your lawn or landscaping needs to be watered!

You may not realize it but weeds that grow in your grass are stealing the nutrients your grass needs to grow healthy. There are a variety of products out there that you can use to kill off the weeds, just head to your local Lawn & Garden store. Also, just keep in mind with the warmer weather, these products could be a strain on your stressed lawn and should be used sparingly.

Whether you’re entertaining at your house or visiting with friends, we hope you have a great summer! And as always, should you need any air conditioner assistance, be sure to reach out.


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