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Water Heater Repair Service & Maintenance

Water heater repair and maintenance offered by Ultimate Comfort Heating and CoolingWhen your hot water heater has a leak or is operating improperly, call Ultimate Comfort Heating & Cooling! We have repaired water heaters in Wernersville PA, Reading PA, Temple PA, Wyomissing PA, Leesport PA, Douglassville PA and all throughout Berks County PA. We also perform important annual maintenance on hot water heaters to keep them performing at peak efficiency, for years of reliable of use.


Tankless, Heat Pump, Indirect Fired Water Heater, and Tank Water Heater Sales & Installation

We offer all types of water heater equipment and water heater installation, with free in-home consultation and great financing opportunities. When it’s time for a new water heater, call us first and you’ll save yourself time, money and headaches later.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

The most advanced, energy-efficient water heater available. Air-source heat pump water heaters work much like a refrigerator in reverse. The heat pump extracts the heat from warm air, intensifies the heat with a compressor, delivers the heat to the water, and exhausts the cooler air. Because it uses the warm ambient air temperature to do most of the work, it is a very efficient way to heat water.

Tankless Water Heaters

Innovative, new tankless water heaters provide a continuous supply of hot water from an energy-efficient and space-saving design. Imagine never running out of hot water again.

  • All the continuous hot water you’ll ever need
  • Energy-Efficient Design – Low cost operation
  • Compact Size
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Self Diagnostic
  • Connect two or more units for high demand applications

Indirect Fired Water Heaters

Energy efficiency. Long-term dependability. All the warmth life requires at the lowest operating costs. An Indirect Fired Water Heater intelligently uses the heat created by your home’s boiler system to heat your water. The result is a reliable, abundant supply of domestic hot water delivered from a less-than-abundant amount of fuel – a notion as pleasing to your senses as your sensibility.

Traditional Tank Water Heaters

A wide variety of gas and electric tank water heaters is available in multiple sizes for any application, with great multi-year warranties! Call now for a free consultation on the water heater best suited to you needs. We provide water heater installation, water heater repair, and more to those around Wernersville PA, Reading PA, Temple PA, Wyomissing PA, Leesport PA, Douglassville PA and all Berks County.