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Why Regular Maintenance Calls Could Save You Money

york air conditioner

Even if it’s only running for half of the year, our AC unit is important and keeps us cool when the temperatures are blazing outside. Nobody wants to sweat while they’re relaxing inside. That’s why regular maintenance on your AC unit is crucial if you want to spare the dread of those hot summer days and reduce the risk of any major problems.

One of the best reasons for regular maintenance is to avoid finding out that your AC unit doesn’t work. If that happens, you’ll then need to call for an emergency repair, which could end up costing you more. By having your unit maintained regularly, you can help reduce the risk of that happening.  A regular checkup of your AC unit has the ability to notice a problem before it gets worse.

Another reason for regular maintenance is the fact that your warranty might require you to have regular checkups. If you don’t follow this requirement, and it breaks down, your warranty claim might be denied. It’s not the case for all AC units; we suggest learning about any warranties you have on your unit when it’s first installed.

Lastly, regular maintenance allows you to save money in the long run and also save energy. A regular AC checkup, ensures that your unit is cleaned, working properly, and the filters are clean. It also allows our mechanics to notify you of any issues that may arise, and assist you in deciding if it makes sense to have it repaired or if it’s time for a new one.

Here at Ultimate Comfort, we offer a variety of service plans to fit your budget. Take a moment to learn about our plans. Should you wish to sign up for a service plan, or need AC repair, contact us today.


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